Investment Portfolio Management and
Financial Consulting Firm

HHH Holding is an independent, objective and well informed investment advice and portfolio management consultation with facilitation and mandate firm for business development. We have been in business since 2008 as an independent Financial Service provider, starting year 2017, we are coming under one roof HHH Holding streamlining our services to our ever increasing number of private clients in this sector.


HHH holding advisors have diverse backgrounds with experience in the investment management, plan sponsor, and custody businesses. Our senior consultants provide client service through a dedicated team structure, with specialized support provided by departments within HHH Holding Consulting.

Service Delivery

We believe that each client is unique, with an individual set of investment challenges. To meet those challenges, HHH Holding combines two prominent service models in investment consulting today - centralized resources and dedicated client service. This gives each client the personalized attention available through a smaller firm, as well as the resources of a large firm.

Investment Research

Investing requires the union of both art and science. Accordingly, HHH Holding relies on a combination of independent research, performed by a dedicated research team, along with client-driven advocacy through Consultant involvement in the research process. We’re known for the depth and breadth of our research topics as well as our thoughtful recommendations.

Wealth Management Services - Project Finance

  • Collateralized Project Finance (Bank collateral for commercial loan funds)
  • Short Term Project Finance (Loan Funds with no cost Loan Collateral)
  • Corporate Joint Venture Finance (Joint venture project/business funding)
  • Secured Business Funding (with bank guaranteed repayment of principal)
  • Real Estate Financing (Short term financing of real estate projects)
  • Secured Funds/Assets Investment (Fixed term assets investment with assets secured and guaranteed profits)

Banking & Financial Transactions

  • Financing of ‘New Issue’ Securities/Bank Instruments (Institutional underwriting)
  • Purchase & Resale of Registered Bank Instruments (Private placement underwriting)
  • Corporate Bond Enhancement (senior bank endorsement)
  • Investment of Blocked Funds & Bank Instruments (Secured high yield investment, Private placement trade Programs)
  • Manage cash backed SBLC financing small or large projects
  • Managed Bank Guarantee Program (Project funding with Non-recourse Loan)

Collateralized Project Finance Non-Recourse

  • Secured Asset Investment – Bank Confirmed asset By MT 799 - MT 760
  • We provide Bank instruments for your Deals, Welcome MTN Purchasers
  • New Buyers of Bank Instruments – We provide FC or Seasoned MTNs
  • Innovative Investment Programs + Gold
  • Small and Large Cap Private Placement Programs for Project Financing or Funding
  • Lease & Purchase Bank instruments
  • Lessor of No upfront fee SBLC, BG
  • Buyer of seasoned MTNs, BG / SBLC

Buying Bank Instruments Not Leasing

We are interested in your banking services and would like to work with you in acquiring some of them. We are always looking to expand our services in the banking system as we have a long list of loyal clients at our disposal. We work mainly with bank instruments and we only do buying not leasing. I will present you a list of the instruments we require and we would like you to send us the price and procedure you can agree on.

  • BG (bank guarantees) we can also give current offers for export import (TRADE FINANCE)
  • LC (letter of credit at Sight)
  • SBLC (standby letter of credit)
  • POF (proof of fund) message
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Demand Guarantees
  • Pre-Advice Message
  • Promissory note
  • Swift MT 103 one way or 2 ways
  • Comfort Letters
  • Ready Willing and Able (RWA) Messages
  • MTNs, SBLC, BG
  • Swift MT 760
  • Bank drafts and all kind of drafts available

For more information about our wealth management services, Contact us through phone number, email, whatsapp/viber.

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